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About ASI

ASI, incorporated in 1982, is a Rockville, Maryland boutique precious metal, foreign currency and asset protection company. ASI has an impeccable, international reputation for honest pricing and are well known for their words of wisdom, imparted in their email alerts, newsletters and videos.

Credibility can only be built over time from the history of one’s words and actions. ASI has helped our clients preserve, protect and grow their wealth, with integrity, since 1982.

The founders of Asset Strategies International (ASI) believe wealth must be protected by diversifying in more than one country, more than one currency and more than one investment. They recognize the need to have a portion of one’s total assets allocated in precious metals, and both stored offshore and readily available.

The world's economy is precarious and requires precautionary measures. ASI was founded to provide our clients with solutions to many of today’s economic challenges. We believe precious metals can provide you with asset protection, liquidity, diversification, and a hedge against inflation. That is why we created ASI Precious Metals Direct (ASI PMD).

The Precious Metals Direct Advantage

  • Pure Ownership
  • No Default Risk
  • Fully Insured
  • Regular Physical Audits
  • Physical Delivery
  • Cost Effective
  • Diversification
  • Limited Regulatory Risk
About ASI Precious Metals Direct

ASI PMD is a safe and reliable on-line platform that makes it easy and convenient to purchase and sell precious metals. You can choose to take delivery or store of any of the precious metals you find here. You can also sell your metals whenever the market is open and have your funds wired directly into the account of your choice.

ASI PMD is the first precious metal dealer/broker owned, on-line platform where you can purchase most gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins or bars, and either take delivery or store the actual, allocated, physical metal in one of three countries.

Taking advantage of almost 3 decades as precious metal brokers, ASI acquires precious metal on behalf of their clients, from institutional dealers at competitive prices. If you opt for storage, your metals will be stored in highly protected and insured vaults in New York, Salt Lake City, London or Zurich, per your instruction and availability. Please see our services page for a complete list of storage availability for each type and form of metal.

No matter where you opt to store your metal, you will own the actual physical metal in an allocated account, verified by an independent big four accounting firm with holdings and valuations reported daily. You can take physical delivery of your precious metals at any time using a highly secured and insured process for transporting your precious metals. Stored metals are insured and audited by two of the most well-known and respected firms in the country.

ASI will always have time to speak with you directly – it is what has separated us from other precious metals brokers for three decades. We are proud to offer ASI PMD to those who know what they want, and simply need an efficient and secure way to acquire it.


Note that spot prices differ from the actual buy/sell prices of specific bullion coins or bars, which also include the costs of fabrication, minting, transportation, and broker's fees.

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